Why Inhibit Scale?

Scale costs money. Over time scale will destroy water heaters, ice makers, plumbing fixtures, and increase the amount of energy needed to heat water.

Why not use salt and chemicals?

Chemicals are expensive and can cause environmental damage. Hydrascale® requires no chemicals, and needs no maintenance.

Will Hydrascale® remove existing scale damage?

Over time, Hydrascale® will break down scale build up on plumbing fixtures, water heaters, heating elements, and other surfaces.

Will Hydrascale® change the hardness value of the water?

Hydrascale® causes the dissolved calcium particles to remain in suspension unable to adhere to plumbing fixtures and other surfaces, thus passing on through your water system. However, the hardness value of the water does not change.

How long will water treated by Hydrascale® remain altered?

The water that passes through Hydrascale® remains in an altered state 28 days.

Can Hydrascale® treat the whole house?

When sized based on peak flow, Hydrascale® will inhibit scale build up for the entire plumbing system. Individual units can be installed on boilers, water heaters, and ice makers.