Government research has shown that 1/8 inch of scale can cause an increase in energy costs of 20%.

-U.S. Bureau of Standards

Microscopic examination showed the Hydrascale® significantly altered scale formation.

- Dr. R. G. Temple, P.H.D.

Chemical Engineering

After installing four 4 units on our electric arc furnaces, we can now confirm that the regular deposits of scale hampering our water pipes has now reduced rapidly. The need for weekly maintenance using chemicals has been eliminated reducing our maintenance budget approximately $60,000 per year.

- Trever Castle
Works Maintenance Manager
GKN Sheepbridge Stokes

I would recommend the Hydrascale® in any situation where scale buildup is a problem.

- Charlie Dibenedetto
Lakeside Plumbing Company
Humble, Texas

The internal coil design provides substantial turbulence to achieve maximum effort over a wide range of flow rates.

- Aston University
United Kingdom

Faced with the possibility of purchasing a very expensive water softener, my plumber suggested that we give your Hydrascale® product a try. After 60 days there wasnt any scale buildup on the appliances and our glassware is virtually spotless.
During routine maintenance on our 100 gallon water heater we were amazed to find that all scale had disappeared.

- Ether Fisher
Post Oak Grill
Houston, Texas

Scale build up in my ice machine is a thing of the past.  Saving in time and money far surpass my investment.

- Frankie B. Mandola
Frankie Mandolas Steaks & Burgers
Houston, Texas